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Brand: Stealth Juice
Product Code: 4094956
Price: $58.00

Size: 5 ml, 20 ml, 40 ml, 100 ml Type: Oily injectable solutionDosage: 200 mg/mlActive ingredient: Trenbolone Enanthate

COMPANY WEBSITE: http://www.stealthjuice.com/ MORE INFORMATIONS: http://www.stealthjuice.com/LAB TESTS RESULTS AVAILABLE ON: http://www.alinboard.com
 Tren­bolone is a very potent andro­gen with strong ana­bolic activ­ity. It is well suited for the rapid buildup of strength and mus­cle mass, usu­ally pro­vid­ing the user excep­tional results in a rel­a­tively short time period. The ana­bolic effect of this drug is often com­pared to pop­u­lar bulk­ing agents such as testos­terone or Dian­abol, with one very impor­tant dif­fer­ence. Tren­bolone does not con­vert to estro­gen. This is indeed a very unique com­pound since mass drugs, almost as a rule, will aro­m­a­tize (or cause other estro­gen related trou­bles) heav­ily. When we think of tak­ing milder (regard­ing estro­gen) steroids we usu­ally expect much weaker mus­cle growth, but not so with Tren­bolone. Here we do not have to worry about estro­gen related side effects, yet still have an extremely potent mass/strength drug. There is no notice­able water reten­tion, so the mass gained dur­ing a cycle of Tren­bolone will be very hard and defined (pro­vid­ing fat lev­els are low enough). Gyneco­mas­tia is also not much of a con­cern, so there shouldn't be any need to addi­tion an anti-estrogen if tren­bolone is the only steroid admin­is­tered. Chemical Analysis Reports:-Select document-certificat 1certificat 2