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Brand: Stealth Juice
Product Code: 4612539
Price: $27.00

Size: 5 ml, 20 ml, 40 ml, 100 ml Type: Oily injectable solutionDosage: 100 mg/mlActive ingredient: Nandrolone PhenylpropionateProduct synonyms: PHENYLPROP

Nan­dro Phenyl­prop is chem­i­cally related to the male hor­mone. Com­pared to testos­terone, it has an enhanced ana­bolic and a reduced andro­genic activ­ity. This has been demon­strated in ani­mal bioas­says and explained by recep­tor bind­ing stud­ies. The low andro­genic­ity of nan­drolone is con­firmed in clin­i­cal use. In the human, nan­drolone has been shown to pos­i­tively influ­ence cal­cium metab­o­lism, to increase red blood cell pro­duc­tion and bone den­sity and to increase bone mass in osteo­poro­sis. In women with dis­sem­i­nated mam­mary car­ci­noma, Nan­drolone has been reported to pro­duce objec­tive regres­sions for many months.
MORE INFORMATIONS: http://www.stealthjuice.com/
This is a new product line thats HIGH QUALITY, packed sterile and will not need sterilization or filtration (like bulk oils)
What is about? Injectable sterile and filtered oil packed in sachets like MCDONALDS pack their ketchup.
Will be STEALTH for custom, impossibile to find in a envelope for custom, sterile, filtered and ready to use.
You must just to draw all content in a syringe and keep in syrynge. Are packed in sachets of 5 ml each.
Sure sachets will have labels of different things like shampoons, massage oils to make them 100% safe for custom
QUALITY GUARANTEED BY ALINSHOP ! Chemical Analysis Reports:-Select document-certificat 1