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Product Code: 4545222
Price: $4.20
Size: 1 amps Type: injectable solution Dosage: 10 mg/ml Active ingredient: Amino acids, Low molecular mass peptides, Mucopolysaccharides Product synonyms: Adequan alternative


Alflutop (joint relief) it is different than Adequan, but gives the same kind of results as Adequan and it is specifically made for humans to use.

ALFLUTOP is a natural product with high efficacy therapeutical properties proved by tests and studies performed for over 18 years. ALFLUTOP, conditioned as injectable solution, contains in 1 ml solution 10 mg sea fish bioactive concentrate (amino acids, low molecular mass peptides, mucopolysaccharides, trace elements: Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn), maximum 5 mg/100ml phenol as preservative.

ALFLUTOP belongs to the group of chondroprotective products having anti-hyaluronidase, antiinflammatory and analgesic action:

  • inhibits hyaluronidase excess
  • restores chondrocytes homeostasis in damaged tissues
  • stimulates regenerative processes at cartilage level
  • improves the synovial fluid and the afflicted cartilage quality
  • stimulates superoxide dismutase
  • inhibits occurrence of superoxide free radicals

The clinical trials have proved the efficacy of the product ALFLUTOP in degenerative articular rheumatism, post-traumatic pathology and abarticular rheumatism.


  • lack of major complications;
  • very well tolerated, even by the patients suffering from gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases;
  • a favourable ratio of costs and clinical efficacy.

The clinical trials have also showed the therapeutical effect of ALFLUTOP in the treatment of periarthritis, spondiloarthrosis, spinal disc injuries, ankylopoietic spondilitis, Reiter syndrome, rheumatoid polyarthritis.